Issue 483 of Doctor Who Magazine will be on sale from Thursday 5 February 2015 and it includes interviews with Mummy on the Orient Express director Paul Wilmshurst and actor Peter Purves (Steven Taylor in the 1960s episodes), and features on Marco Polo (1964) and The Androids of Tara (1978).

Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 483

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Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 482Issue 482 of Doctor Who Magazine is published on Thursday 8 January 2015.
Jenna Coleman is being interviewed: Clara’s heart lies with the Doctor. She can’t give him up.
Plus: Rachel Talalay on directing Missy and Freddy Krueger, the greatest show in the Galaxy, 1970s script writer David Fisher, comic strip action.
Peter Purves: The legendary Blue Peter presenter reveals all about his time in the TARDIS.

Get an inside look at the relationship between The Doctor and Santa Claus in the Doctor Who Christmas special episode 2014: Last Christmas, with exclusive interviews with the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, for BBC America.

“The Doctor is really annoyed. He doesn’t like the way that Santa begins to cross the line.”

“We’ve all got a common affection for the show, which I hope shows through.” – Rob Mayor

You know about the 3D documentary Inside the mind of Leonardo da Vinci, right? Peter Capaldi is the host and he did it shortly before starting his role as the Doctor. He gave an interview for Mr. Media® (Bob Andelman) answering to yes to the quetion that the mind of the Leonardo da Vinci is bigger on the inside. Enjoy. :)

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The comedian and actor talks to Digital Spy about his part as Perkins in Doctor Who and being on set with Peter Capaldi: “Anyone who’s in Doctor Who always gets asked if they would come back, and I can’t imagine many people, with the possible exception of Christopher Eccleston, who wouldn’t. Of course, if they said to me, ‘Would you like to be in Doctor Who for the rest of your life’, I’d probably sign on for that.”

He revealed his most cherished discussion about his recent role in Doctor Who: “Steven Moffat sent me an email that said, ‘You are now a personal friend of Doctor Who and nothing can change that’. Even saying that sends a tingle down my neck and spinal cord.”

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About one year ago Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were asked a lot about The World’s End at Comic-Con by Dan Casey. So, the guy from Nerdist News asked the people’s question gathered from Twitter… including the one about being a Doctor Who fan. One year later, this Christmas, Nick Frost becomes Santa Clause.

“I spent two months with him up in Rovaniemi [in Finland] last October,” he told Doctor Who Extra. “It’s a busy time because they’re really cranking it up. He doesn’t wake up until mid-October. I was just there with the elves and Mary Claus for two weeks.”

Michelle Gomez talks about playing a female Master in Doctor Who, and talks about whether she thinks the next Doctor after Peter Capaldi should also be a woman…

In another part of the same interview Michelle Gomez talks about what it’s been like to play Missy / The Master in the most recent Doctor Who series, starring Peter Capaldi… Would you like to see Michelle return as The Master in the next series? She will probably return in the series, sometimes in the future, anyway.

Don’t forget that the DVD of Doctor Who Season 8 is out on the 24th of November!

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Let’s Get an Inside Look at season 8 finale, episode 12, Death in Heaven, with exclusive interview with The Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi: with Cybermen on the streets of London and the Missy / Mistress / Master leading them, old friends unite against old enemies, and the Doctor takes to the air in a startling new role.

Can the mighty UNIT contain Missy? As the Doctor faces his greatest challenge, sacrifices must be made before the day is won.

Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 480Issue 480 of Doctor Who Magazine is published on Thursday 13 November, priced £4.99. It contains Michelle Gomez’s interview about her role in the show, she reveals why the Master has become the Mistress. Some other subjects:

  • the Doctor – is he a hero or a hypocrite?
  • Siobhan Remond is the Rani!
  • The empty child
  • Douglas MacKinnon

Let’s get an Inside Look at Doctor Who’s series 8, episode 9, “Flatline” with exclusive interviews with stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

“This is a creature that exists in an almost an abstract plane. Which is fascinating and very exciting.”

Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 479The cover for issue #479 of Doctor Who Magazine has been revealed. The mag previews the final four episodes of Series 8: is there life after death? The Doctor makes a shocking discovery! You can preview this year’s amazing final story in the pages of this DWM issue. And you can also will see the stabilisers fall off for Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson). You have some interviews with Paul McGann, “Kill the moon” writer Peter Harness and 1960s producer Derrick Sherwin.

DWM #479 is on sale Thursday 23 October 2014, priced £4.99.

Get an Inside Look at episode 7, Kill The Moon, with an BBC America exclusive interview with Peter Capaldi.

“But unfortunately those kind of skills, y’know motor, muscular skills, are things that I’m not very good at. I thought, I’m never gonna know how to do this, to work a yoyo, it’s going to look disastrous…”

Being the Doctor is a furfiled dream for Peter Capaldi, but that’s not exactly easy for him: hear from the Twelfth Doctor about the hardest part of being the last of the Time Lords, what makes his character different from the past incarnations – and why coming to work on Doctor Who is always a pleasure.

“It’s terrifying and easy. Some days it’s very terrifying because you’re playing this iconic character that people love and you’ve got to deliver it. You’re making Doctor Who. Who doesn’t want to get up in the morning and come and work on Doctor Who. You’d be crazy not to.”

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Get an inside look at first episode of the series 8, Deep Breath, with exclusive interviews with stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman for BBC America.

“I think in the first episode, The Doctor is struggling to try and find out who he is…”

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At the ‘Doctor Who’ U.S. premiere screening of Deep Breath, Jenna Coleman talks to Anglophenia’s Tom Brook about Clara’s relationship with the Doctor.

What do you think about Deep Breath, the first episode of series 8? I’ll post my review about the episode in the morning.

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Just a few days before broadcasting the first episode of the season 8, the cover for issue #477 of Doctor Who Magazine has been revealed. The magazine is previewing the first four episodes of series 8 and it’s on sale Thursday 21 August 2014, priced £5.99.

Doctor Who Magazine DWM issue 477

BBC News featured the Series 8 launch, clips from the second episode were shown and Peter Capaldi interview.

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Colin Baker talks to Flicks and the city about what he thinks about a sequel for The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot and his latest work on Big Finish audiobooks at the London Film and Comic Con 2014.

At this year’s Collectormania event, Flicks And The City caught up with actor Paul McGann again to talk all things Doctor Who. He has said that even though he is still willing to reprise his role as the Eighth Doctor, he thinks that it’s unlikely it’ll ever happen.

The actor talks about returning as the eighth Doctor in The Night Of The Doctor, the spin-off shows, the return of the Five(ish) Doctors, Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, and why Tilda Swinton would have been a brilliant Doctor.

Paul McGann also says why he thinks The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot was the highlight of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary celebrations.

and why he’d like to do a Five(ish) Doctors sequel, what Peter Capaldi will bring to the role of the Twelfth Doctor and why he could be the best Doctor yet, why Tilda Swinton would have been a brilliant Doctor, and whether he’d like to see his own Doctor on screen with Peter Capaldi’s new Doctor.

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The actress Emma Campbell-Jones, aka Cass in The Night of the Doctor, chats about working with Paul McGann, whether she’d like to see a Paul McGann Doctor Who spin-off and what she thinks of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. She had said she would be very interested in seeing a Paul McGann spin-off: she would reprise her role as Cass “in a heartbeat.”

Billie Piper chats with Flicks And The City about Penny Dreadful & what she thinks Peter Capaldi will bring to the role of the new doctor in Doctor Who at the Penny Dreadful premiere with Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Billie Piper, Timothy Dalton & Harry Treadaway.

Tom Riley chats with the Flicks And The City about filming Doctor Who with Peter Capaldi and why he’s going to completely change the feel of Doctor Who, playing Da Vinci and the success of Da Vinci’s Demons & whether he might have got the call for a part in Batman vs Superman.

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Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 472 Paul McGann the eight Doctor interviewedThe cover for issue #472 of Doctor Who Magazine has been revealed. Paul McGann is this month’s main attraction, the magazine includes an exclusive interview with the 8th Doctor star.

DWM #472 is on sale Thursday 3 April 2014, priced £4.99.

Last August Steven Moffat spoke to Al Moloney moments after Peter Capaldi was revealed to be taking on the mantle of the 12th Doctor.

You know John Hurt’s role in The Day of the Doctor, right? He hasn’t spoke about his return as a Doctor, but the rumours exist and they say about a possible appearance in the series.

Recently, Red Carpet News put the question to Hurt directly and he doesn’t seem very comfortable answering. “I can’t think for a second… You’re asking me to answer something which I can’t answer,” he says. “But I can’t think there’d be any reason to do that.”

What do you think? Will he return? Do you want him back?

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It’s a little old video, but let’s watch the BBC Breakfast Interview with Christopher Eccleston about becoming the Doctor in 2005.

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Jenna Coleman’s interview on BBC Breakfast from yesterday morning, Dec 23, 2013, about the Doctor Who Christmas special episode.

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Steven Moffat’s interview, he is talking about the secrets surrounding the Eleventh Doctor’s final adventure!

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Orla Brady, galactic nun Tasha Lem in the Doctor Who Christmas Special & Mother Superior of the Papal Mainframe, chats about working with Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, her favourite scene with the Daleks, being in prosthetics and her scenes with the Silents, the other baddies in the Christmas Special including weeping Angels, the Silents and the Cybermen, the backstory between Tasha Lem and the Doctor, the Blade Runner look suggested by director Jamie Payne, researching previous Doctor Who episodes such as Blink, Hide and The Empty Child & why she’d love a spin-off for Tasha Lem. Orla Brady also chats about friend and fellow Mistresses star Sarah Parish who played the Empress of the Racnoss, why stepping into the Tardis was magical, how the Christmas Special episode has balanced saying goodbye to Matt Smith with welcoming the new Doctor Peter Capaldi, why Peter Capaldi will be a wonderful new Doctor and how Orla worked with him previously on The Vicar of Dibly Christmas Special & what she thinks about the regeneration cycles dilemma that Steven Moffat recently discussed.

We have not met Tasha before, but we’ve met her forces. We’ve met the troops of the Papal Mainframe in a former episode and this is the big boss: the Mother Superious of the Papal Mainframe.

I do play a galactic nun. Tasha Lem is somebody who is from the Doctor’s past. She’s an old friend of his and in this episode he comes to her for help.

She’s extraordinarily powerful. So she’s like the head of the Galactic UN. She’s a peacekeeping force but they’ve got more firepower and more willingness to use it than the Earthly UN. They are a scary outfit if you are on the wrong side of them, but I think the Doctor has to feel that she will help them, and indeed she will, because she’s an old friend of his.

Obviously the Silence are part, or become part, of the Papal Mainframe, so I did have scenes where Silence were present and they have a certain allegiance to me.

Broadly speaking I’m on the side of good. I’m supposed to be not frightening, but authoritative. You’re supposed to believe that she can run these troops and the Silence, and this giant ship and the UN of space.

She will use her firepower if necessary because she does get cross, shall we say, with the Doctor at a certain point because she’s used to troops pretty much being under her control and doing what she asks of them. She does ask the Doctor to do a particular thing and he’s a bit of a loose cannon and goes rogue, so she’s not best pleased to a certain point.

She’s human, but Steven Moffat said she’s a descendant of humans. It’s like there’s some element of her that is not quite human. She doesn’t have specific superpowers, much to my huge disappointment, but there’s a strain of something else, something alien.

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Matt Smith interview from Blue Peter Doctor Who special as shown on Nov 23, 2013, Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.

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