Doctor Who Magazine DWM Issue 472 Paul McGann the eight Doctor interviewedThe cover for issue #472 of Doctor Who Magazine has been revealed. Paul McGann is this month’s main attraction, the magazine includes an exclusive interview with the 8th Doctor star.

DWM #472 is on sale Thursday 3 April 2014, priced £4.99.

Last August Steven Moffat spoke to Al Moloney moments after Peter Capaldi was revealed to be taking on the mantle of the 12th Doctor.

You know John Hurt’s role in The Day of the Doctor, right? He hasn’t spoke about his return as a Doctor, but the rumours exist and they say about a possible appearance in the series.

Recently, Red Carpet News put the question to Hurt directly and he doesn’t seem very comfortable answering. “I can’t think for a second… You’re asking me to answer something which I can’t answer,” he says. “But I can’t think there’d be any reason to do that.”

What do you think? Will he return? Do you want him back?

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It’s a little old video, but let’s watch the BBC Breakfast Interview with Christopher Eccleston about becoming the Doctor in 2005.

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Jenna Coleman’s interview on BBC Breakfast from yesterday morning, Dec 23, 2013, about the Doctor Who Christmas special episode.

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Steven Moffat’s interview, he is talking about the secrets surrounding the Eleventh Doctor’s final adventure!

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Orla Brady, galactic nun Tasha Lem in the Doctor Who Christmas Special & Mother Superior of the Papal Mainframe, chats about working with Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, her favourite scene with the Daleks, being in prosthetics and her scenes with the Silents, the other baddies in the Christmas Special including weeping Angels, the Silents and the Cybermen, the backstory between Tasha Lem and the Doctor, the Blade Runner look suggested by director Jamie Payne, researching previous Doctor Who episodes such as Blink, Hide and The Empty Child & why she’d love a spin-off for Tasha Lem. Orla Brady also chats about friend and fellow Mistresses star Sarah Parish who played the Empress of the Racnoss, why stepping into the Tardis was magical, how the Christmas Special episode has balanced saying goodbye to Matt Smith with welcoming the new Doctor Peter Capaldi, why Peter Capaldi will be a wonderful new Doctor and how Orla worked with him previously on The Vicar of Dibly Christmas Special & what she thinks about the regeneration cycles dilemma that Steven Moffat recently discussed.

We have not met Tasha before, but we’ve met her forces. We’ve met the troops of the Papal Mainframe in a former episode and this is the big boss: the Mother Superious of the Papal Mainframe.

I do play a galactic nun. Tasha Lem is somebody who is from the Doctor’s past. She’s an old friend of his and in this episode he comes to her for help.

She’s extraordinarily powerful. So she’s like the head of the Galactic UN. She’s a peacekeeping force but they’ve got more firepower and more willingness to use it than the Earthly UN. They are a scary outfit if you are on the wrong side of them, but I think the Doctor has to feel that she will help them, and indeed she will, because she’s an old friend of his.

Obviously the Silence are part, or become part, of the Papal Mainframe, so I did have scenes where Silence were present and they have a certain allegiance to me.

Broadly speaking I’m on the side of good. I’m supposed to be not frightening, but authoritative. You’re supposed to believe that she can run these troops and the Silence, and this giant ship and the UN of space.

She will use her firepower if necessary because she does get cross, shall we say, with the Doctor at a certain point because she’s used to troops pretty much being under her control and doing what she asks of them. She does ask the Doctor to do a particular thing and he’s a bit of a loose cannon and goes rogue, so she’s not best pleased to a certain point.

She’s human, but Steven Moffat said she’s a descendant of humans. It’s like there’s some element of her that is not quite human. She doesn’t have specific superpowers, much to my huge disappointment, but there’s a strain of something else, something alien.

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Matt Smith interview from Blue Peter Doctor Who special as shown on Nov 23, 2013, Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary.

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Billie Piper chats for Flicks and the city about returning for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, working with David Tenant and Matt Smith, Doctor Who rumours and speculation, why Peter Capaldi will be such a great new doctor & what she thought about speculation on her being the Twelfth Doctor. In the interview Billie Piper also talks about starring as Brona Croft in her new supernatural and literary TV series Penny Dreadful.

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After the hugely popular reaction to the recent mini-episode, the Night of the Doctor, Doctor Who Online caught up with The 8th Doctor, Paul McGann, for an exclusive video interview.

Speaking to DWO Editor, Seb J. Brook, Paul talks about The Night Of The Doctor, keeping secrets, future appearances, his costume and more!

Paul McGann, as the Eighth Doctor, is back on screens after 17 years in The Night of the Doctor. But would it have had the same impact if it hadn’t been such a surprise? Probably not. Which is why, says McGann, it was released when it was…

Referencing an impending leak of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary prequel, McGann explained “What’s actually slightly disappointing is when you realise you can’t keep a secret now. And you know [the episode] should have gone out next week, but they had to put it out this week because someone was about to put it out… Steven Moffat presumably thought ‘I’ve gotta do something’, so we released it.

“It wasn’t easy [to keep the secret]. I mean, a couple of mates knew, and I’m pretty good at keeping a secret, but of course so many people work on something – technicians and everybody else. I’m not pointing the finger, except I’m saying, somewhere along the line, someone couldn’t resist pressing send…”

The decision seemed rather well-planned, given that the seven-minute episode was released on 14 November, McGann’s 54th birthday. “I regard it as Steven Moffat’s birthday present to me,” said the actor.

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Paul McGann talks about his memories of being the 8th Doctor, wearing a wig, how he wanted to wear a leather coat, what he thinks of the new generation of Doctors, the 50th Anniversary special, why Peter Capaldi will be a great Doctor, appearing on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary stamp, starring as the Doctor in audio plays, and the Ministry of Chance audio plays and feature film with Sylvester McCoy.

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David Tennant and David Woolstencroft are interviewed on BBC Breakfast (Oct 29, 2013) to chat about Richard II, his ponytail, The escape artist (that started last night), Doctor Who, the 50th Anniversary and Matt Smith all come up in conversation too.

BBC’s Susanna Reid was quick to target Tennant’s hair, saying “Can we just get something out of the way? Can you just put your plait over one shoulder?”

David Tennant gave a brief glimpse of his hair extensions saying we “need never think of it again”, before joking that he would upset the wig department at the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he is currently performing as long-haired monarch Richard II.

He also talked about switching between roles in the theatre and on TV, explaining “They’re quite different jobs, the pacing of your day is very different… The variety is part of the joys of the job.”

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You may recall that Lindsay Duncan appeared in “The Waters of Mars” as Adelaide, one of the Doctor’s companions, in 2009. She says her character can not return to the show because she died – a fixed point in space and time that can not be changed. More details in the interview… enjoy. :)

Archive television recovery expert Phillip Morris recalls how he found the film cans of The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear sitting on a shelf, at a TV relay station in central Nigeria. For that find he earned the nickname Indiana Jones from the Television International Enterprises Archives (TIEA).

It’s Morris and his team’s job to assist overseas stations with the storage and migration of their materials and, on the outside of that, they recover lost British television programmes.

He goes on to explain how the prints – the largest single haul of episode returned since the junkings were halted – they were part of the ‘bicycling’ system of sharing TV programmes between territories, and shares his fond childhood memories of Target’s Doctor Who novelisations. Stories that can now be seen on screen for the first time in decades.

He admits masking tape played rather a crucial role: These episodes were discovered on a project we were working in Nigeria. And they were found in a TV station in Jos. Just sitting on the shelf, which I can remember now seeing a piece of masking tape, which said Doctor Who on it.

I thought ‘Oh, that’s interesting’, pulled the cans down I read the story codes. instantly of course recognized what the stories were and realized they were missing from the BBC’s archive. A lot of Doctor Who fans around the world are going to be happy.

These episodes had come from Hong Kong and they’d been on what’s called a bicycle system. So they traveled from this country to the next country to the next country and they came to be in Nigeria through this bicycle system. Not at the station in Nigeria they were actually sold to. They were at a relay station. The condition that those programmes were in when we found them, we were quite lucky, considering the temperatures we can be in the upper 40 degrees, luckily they’d been kept in the optimum condition.

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Karen Gillan says she is a lot like her character in her new film Not Another Happy Ending. The 25-year-old actress and former model admitted to being neurotic, emotional and a bit clumsy, just like Jane Lockhart, the part she plays in the rom-com. Karen said that she missed being Doctor’s Who sidekick Amy Pond, but still kept in touch with soon-to-be ex-Timelord Matt Smith. She was sporting a shaved head, part of the requirements for playing the part of Nebula in the upcoming Marvel Comics superhero movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Karen Gillan will not be in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, she will just watch it. The 50th anniversary will unite Matt Smith and Jenna Colman with former Doctor and companion David Tennant and Billie Piper.

Also, the former Doctor Who companion announced she is drafting a script to her very own movie… after playing a novelist in Not Another Happy Ending. She also admits the profession is close to her heart.

Daybreak interview with Karen Gillan from Oct 1, 2013. Yes, she still has shaved head, she is talking about Peter Capaldi being selected as the 12th Doctor, the female Doctor and how Peter and she magically met in the Doctor Who episode Fire of Pompeii… Enjoy. :)

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Steven Moffat spoke to Nerd3 in a wide-ranging and entertaining video interview. Watch the whole thing and enjoy.

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Sir Derek “Del” Jacobi chats on BBC Breakfast about playing The Master and The Doctor (though he seems to have forgotten Scream of the Shalka and Deadline). The date of the interview is September 16, 2013.

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Enjoy this John Hurt Interview: the great actor will be acting in Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, Hercules & Only Lovers Left Alive. Too bad he can’t say more about his role as the Doctor…

John Hurt Interview: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, Hercules and Only Lovers Left Alive

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Matt Smith on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late show full interview July 24, 2013. Enjoy. :)

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Some of you may comment about “we are shooting in 3D” or some other lines, but the interview is interesting to watch.

Recently, the current but not for much time Doctor, Matt Smith, told IGN at this year’s Comic Con that he would be keen on a role in Star Trek: “Yeah, I would JJ,… or Star Wars. So just putting it out there.”

He will be the Doctor until this year Christmas special, but he’s already looking for work again: “I go back to auditioning and trying to get a job. Someone employ me.” Meantime he fancies a role in JJ’s Star Trek, but he also admits Benedict Cumberbatch is doing a great job.

In the interview Mat Smith also revealed he knows a bit about this year’s Christmas special… and suggested that the new Doctor could be a woman.

It’s not over for me yet, I’ve still got the Christmas special. Apparently it’s like 20 pages in, Steven [Moffat] was telling me about it last night – it sounds exciting.

I don’t want to speculate too much. I feel like that’s maybe not my place to. Whoever it is will be the right actor or actress – lets wait and see who she is.

It can be anyone. It can be anyone – and that’s the great thing about the part. If Helen Mirren did it or if you know, there’s so many female actresses who’d be amazing.

He’s an alien, or she’s an alien, it doesn’t matter. The doctor is a complete alien. It’s why the notion of getting married or cooking scrambled eggs makes him say ‘What on earth are you doing?’

Enjoy watching the entire interview. :D

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Arthur Darvill is the latest to speak about Matt Smith’s departure from Doctor Who. Echoing comments from Alex Kingston earlier in the week, he told BBCA he wasn’t surprised by Smith’s exit: “I’ve known that Matt’s going to leave for awhile, so it wasn’t much of a shock to me, and I saw him last week or the week before.”

“He’s done his time on it, I think. It’s a hard one. You know, I left a year ago, and it was very hard to leave. I think the worst that you can do on something like that is outstay your welcome. It’s better to be missed than for people to go, ‘Just get out,’ so I think it’s a good time for him to leave.”

On who Darvill would like to see as 12th Doctor, he said: “I think they should go for someone older and I don’t know who that should be.”

“I suppose it could be a woman. I don’t know. I think it is a male part, though I think it’s just about the person.”

On the Dame Helen Mirren rumours: “I’d love to see Dame Helen do it — best of luck to whoever gets it, though.”

The bets are still on, the people are debating a lot about the next Doctor… I hope to be a surprise, but not too huge. :D

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You know about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who show, right? It was announced a few days ago. 2 days ago, on One Show, Alex Kingston talked about Matt’s departure.

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Warwick Davis opens up into an interview about working on Doctor Who adventure Nightmare in Silver and the future of Porridge.

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A radio interview with a picture of David Tennant in order to be on Youtube. Enjoy. :)

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The Comedy Interview Series “The Last Leg” airs on Channel 4. Enjoy. :)

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 It’s Question Time with Matt and Jenna!

In this Exclusive BBC America video, we can all watch as the Doctor’s new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman poses some wacky, weird and witty questions to the Doctor (Matt Smith) – as they prepare for the return of Doctor Who in The Bells of Saint John.

Discover what TV character MATT would most want to change roles with – and what car the TARDIS would be… if it were a car. (Hint: It would still be blue.)

PLUS: get an answer to a question plaguing Whovians for years: What did MATT have for breakfast today?

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It’s Question Time with Jenna and Matt! In this Exclusive BBC America video, it’s Doctor’s companion Jenna-Louise Coleman’s turn in the hot seat, as the Doctor, MATT SMITH, takes over Interviewer duties. 

Discover what’s the first place Jenna-Louise would go, if she were invisible, her favorite smell in the world and what American she’d most like to meet.

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