As you may already know The Ice Warriors will to return to Doctor Who in series seven part two as the antagonists in a new story by Mark Gatiss. Radio Times unveiled the new image of these Doctor monsters.

new look Ice Warrior

old look Ice Warrior



Meanwhile, the two episodes that have been missing are being reconstructed by award-winning animation studio Qurios and a classic Doctor Who adventure The Ice Warriors will be released on DVD this summer with animated versions of the serial’s missing episodes.

Starring Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor, The Ice Warriors was originally broadcast in 1967 and marked the titular Martian monsters’ first appearance in the BBC sci-fi drama.

The were last seen on TV in 1974.

An exclusive “work in progress” clip of The Ice Warriors. With Ice Warrior Varga released and the glacier advancing, the Doctor tries to convince Leader Clent that temperamental humans – even the recently fired scientist Penley – are still far better than machines.

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