The Doctor ventures into the cube-based universe that is Minecraft. What wonders will he encounter? What dangers? Follow the Time Lord through space, time and graphics from 1978 to find out. And, of course, enjoy! :)

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What would be your decision if you could decide how (who) you would be from one moment to the future. There is an article on Radio Times that says that Steven Moffat would rather be the Doctor than Sherlock. Considering that he is the lead writer for both characters that’s going to mea something.

Steven Moffat: Id rather be the Doctor than Sherlock

Time Lord or detective? Ok, it’s not quite Sophie’s Choice but asking Doctor Who and Sherlock writer Steven Moffat to decide between the two characters who have defined his career is still a tough one.

“I think I’d want to be the Doctor because he’s gonna live a lot longer – obviously that’s a tremendous advantage,” said Moffat. “Also… I think the Doctor is fundamentally quite happy and I think Sherlock Holmes isn’t as content – somehow he’s striving for something he won’t have. I think, probably, in the dark of night, the Doctor is probably slightly happier…”

You can read more here.

I know, your decision would be similar (since you are reading this note on a Doctor Who website), but it’s your choice. :D Tell me more about it.

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We can all vote for Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Doctor Who to win an award at the next year British National Television Awards!

Pick your nominees across 14 categories

Make your selections, fill in your details and confirm your votes!

Start voting now!

Win a Red Carpet pass, VIP tickets to the star-studded show and a night in a top London hotel

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A few years ago I’ve heard some rumor that in the United States, during a census, a lot of people answered that they were Jedi and they believed in the Force. Of course, it’s all about Star Wars and the huge number of fan created in the last 3 decades. I am not sure that the US authorities consider this a religion or not, it depends if the people were serious or not when they answered… but the idea remains: there could be a Jedi religion somewhere in the world, right now.

If you would be asked right now ‘In who/what do you believe?’ what would answer? Do you believe the Doctor is reals and he is going to save the world over and over again in his TARDIS when the world needs saving?

In this week episode of Doctor Who, The Angels Take Manhattan, River Song returns in style and the Lonely Assassins are back as well! Watch some interviews with the Doctor (Math Smith), the Ponds (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill) and the execs (Caro Skinner and Steven Moffat) about the subject.

What do you think are the mysterious cubes, and what secrets do they hold?

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Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control[/caption]

From time to time I found something interesting about Doctor Who practical things that come in the real world. For example, Doctor Who @ tumblr announced about this universal remote control that looks exactly like Doctor Who sonic screwdrive, even it does some other things than the original thing. Not yet, anyway.

The remote control will go on sale August 31, 2012 exclusively for the first 60 days at ThinkGeek and the BBC America Shop in the US, and Forbidden Planet and in the UK… so you’ll have to wait some time to get it. Until then you can read the description from tumblr.

The Wand Company – known for developing the World’s first infrared remote control magic wand and BBC Worldwide today reveal a must-have accessory for Doctor Who fans – the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control. Join BBC Worldwide in the North American unveiling of the remote control at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, in BBC AMERICA booth #3629 starting preview night July 11 through the end of Comic Con.

A high quality metal replica of the Mark VII Sonic Screwdriver currently used by the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, the new Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control is a gesture-based universal remote control that utilises infrared (IR) technology to manipulate almost all earth-based home entertainment systems – from TVs and iPod docks to DVD/Blu-ray players and beyond.
With a green flashing tip and an impressive four operational modes – including a practice mode – and three memory banks, a total of 39 commands can be stored in the Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control, giving the option of operating multiple home entertainment devices with just a different flick of the wrist.
We just played with it at the BBC America booth and it’s pretty easy to use. It’s also really really cool.

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Finally, The Eternity Clock was released earlier this week as a downloadable title for the PlayStation Network. The game is essentially a linear, 2-D platform and puzzle game that offers a wonderfully scripted, original adventure within the Doctor Who universe.

I haven’t played the game yet, so I can not offer you a review. But someone wrote it, and you can read the full game review:

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Script to Screen is back on BBC. And this time, if you’re aged 9-11 years old you can write an adventure for the Doctor set anywhere in time and space!

The new competition will be launched by the Doctor himself on Blue Peter on CBBC, Thursday, January 12 at 5.45pm. The challenge is simple. Schoolchildren aged 9-11 should write a mini-episode that features the Doctor in an Olympic-themed adventure. Amy and Rory can be included in the script alongside one of four familiar alien species plus a brand new human character.

You can find more information here.

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Valentine’s Day is coming soon, in a month or so, and I started searching for Valentine’s Day cards. Just to be prepared and not to forget to have some ready. Of course, being a Doctor Who fan, made me include the name in the search criteria on Google search. So, I found some very interesting card on the Girl gone geek blog.

Rachelle Abellar has some cards here:

Geeks of Doom presents Doctor who Valentine: I find you dalektable.

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